Episode 61 BJ Whimpey Audiobook Narrator

by Liz

Voiceover Actor BJ Whimpey talks about narrating audiobooks through ACX. We dig deep into the technical process and artistry of voiceover work. BJ shares fun characters, voices, and impressions, as well as key tips for performing, recording, and editing. I met BJ Whimpey in the late summer of 2020 during a Covid safe, socially-distanced reading of a new musical in development. BJ was reading the main character and I was instantly impressed with his acting. During one of the breaks, we chatted outside. Between my having a podcast, and BJ’s voice acting, we had a nerd-out moment on equipment and programs. I had just been contracted to narrate my first audiobook, and BJ was an awesome resource for my questions. I am delighted to bring his energy, expertise, and enthusiasm to my listeners now in Season Three.

BJ shares a lot of fun and useful information, and references his TikTok, and YouTube cosplay and comedy work as Palpatine, which I absolutely love!

Check out BJ Whimpey’s audiobooks available through Audible on Amazon.

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