Episode 73 Is Acting Creative? A debate between actors Brandon Green and Kate Williams

by Liz

Actor Brandon Green and actress Kate Williams debate whether acting is creative or interpretive. Brandon’s hot take? Acting is perhaps the least creative part of making theatre. If you want to get your acting theory, creative nerd, art philosopher’s jam on, then this is the discussion for you. What do you think? Is acting primarily creative or interpretive?

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Theme music by Gordon Vetas

Brandon Green has been in a number of shows and he has not been in an even greater number. You may recognize him if you have seen one of the shows that he was in, otherwise you probably will not.
Kate is a local actor that was last seen in Centerpoint’s Rainmaker. Favorite roles include Molly in “Peter in the Starcatcher, Anelle in “Steel Magnolias” and Mary Warren in “The Crucible.”

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