Episode 68 Drag

by Liz

Austin Slade Perry, author and drag queen, talks about Sapphire Rose, the Crown Princess of the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, and how he got started in drag, and what it takes to prep for a performance.

A couple of important announcements before we dive in. In the Telling is going on break for the whole summer. I’m starting a Master’s Degree in English on June 1st, which I’m pretty excited about and nervous about. In the Telling will be back in September after I’ve gotten a solid grasp of my program. But I didn’t want to leave you for such a long break without a lovely parting gift. This episode on Drag isn’t the only content I’m releasing this week. There is an incredible interview with couture wedding dress designer Betsy Barker now available on my YouTube channel. Full video interviews are something I typically reserve solely for Patreon patrons, but since we have to part for three months, and since Betsy’s work is sumptuous to behold, I’ve put her zoom interview and tour of her studio and sewing rooms on YouTube for everyone! Be sure to check out Utah’s very own award-winning Betsy Couture!

Austin met with me as my first guest back in studio in over a year. We talk about his drag persona Sapphire Rose, Crown Princess of the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire here in Utah, and all the work that goes into a drag performance. Austin’s also an author so we get a chance to compare and contrast the storytelling and creativity of drag with writing. Listen through to the end of the episode to hear the episode extra: information about this month’s elections for the next Emperor and Empress of the Royal Court.

You can follow Sapphire Rose on Instagram
Check out the website for the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire
Here is the link for the Collective Humanity Anthology Austin talks about in the Interview

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