“The Warm Winds of Summer’s Wreckage”

by Liz

We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.

Henry Rollins

I have been a self-employed, independently contracted actress for over two decades. At some point, my description of my business evolved to include theatre artist, consultant, director, producer, writer and on. Like most of the artists and entertainers I have come into contact with, I am involved in a lot of different types of work and projects. I spent August on break from my podcast, between theatrical productions, and basically enjoying the last weeks of summer while trying to prepare my kids to go back to school. I didn’t really think about September other than as a reminder that it would mean back to work. I knew September would mean podcasting, pre-production on a beloved theatrical project and a few weekends of things special. I figured I was prepared for this month. And I was. But even expecting it, this month has still been very unique.


For the first time, but I hope not the last, I volunteered on the programming team for the FanX convention hall stage. I got to scout out acts to perform free for the entertainment of FanX attendees. My podcast even sponsored a performance of “Epic: an Audience Participation Fantasy Adventure,” providing autographed books by local authors as prizes for participation. A few guests of “In the Telling” podcast brought their acts to this stage. And I got to work alongside guest of the show Scott Taylor, easily one of the kindest people I know. It was an exhausting three day convention, but I met a lot of interesting people, saw remarkable cosplay, and had a really great time. I also got an up close look at how Scott treats people in the writing, performing and fandom communities outside of the director and actor dynamics in which we have previously interacted. I want to be more like Scott Taylor.

Out of Liberty Premiere

I’ve been to over a handful of film premieres for local, independent feature films the past decade. Every time, I mentally fidget over what I should wear, and I worry about whether or not my performance will detract from or add to the movie. I hold my breath as the lights go out and don’t usually breathe easily until I’m in the car on my way home again. And because of the types of films I am in, I typically cry in the theatre. I’ve never thought I was very “good” at these types of events. And maybe I’m still not. I forget to take all the pictures I want. I never manage to talk to all the people that I want. And I still wish I could show up to a premiere and have HMU/wardrobe just take care of my look like they do when I show up to set. But I’ve started having a genuinely good time at these premieres. I enjoy seeing my friends in the industry. I’ve started to relax about seeing my performance enough to get swept up in the story playing on the screen.

“Arabian Nights” a Radio Play Mini-Series

This show has been a many-year journey. It started as a parking lot discussion with a handful of close theatre friends. It was collaboratively conceived as a story and collectively written. It became a full-length theatrical play that was a tremendous production both in effort and execution from all parties concerned. And that was it for a few years. Then a few months ago, Ed Farnsworth, whose only connection to the theatre piece was that he saw it, proposed that it be adapted for radio. It was one of those “oh, of course” moments for me. Why didn’t I think of that? All the decision makers agreed and the project was given the green light. The playscript was adapted into a four part radio drama. Auditions were announced, characters cast, a composer and artist commissioned and a sound designer/engineer contracted. Because of scheduling, we had to wait until September to record. I have been looking forward to this for months. I have never produced anything like this before. I’ve been learning on the job.

I don’t think summer left me wrecked or anything. It was super busy. And I was exhausted. It was nice to have a bit of a break with August. But September has brought some warm winds into my creative and professional endeavors, blowing around bits of things I’ve been waiting for, and things I’d never expected. Some echoes from the past, some harbingers of things I hope are future. If September is summer’s ghost, then it has been a most welcome specter.

The Fighting Preacher premiere at the end of July 2019

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