Episode 44: Comic Books with Dustin Craig

by Liz

 Dustin Craig of Boff Comics met with me over Zoom in the Stay-at-home Quarantine of 2020 to answer my questions about comic book writing, layout, structure, branding, printing and selling comics on Etsy. Dustin’s comics are for an adult audience and his website has that warning before you even enter, but don’t worry. Our entire conversation is family friendly and focuses on the process of making comic books.

The link to Dustin Craig included in here will take you to his profile on LinkedIn and you can get to the website for Boff comics from there, if you choose. Dustin has provided the full comic of Starship Dominatrix free by clicking here (viewer discretion is advised.) Thank you to my guest Dustin Craig

You have to get “Go Gun-Ho”. You can’t just do bare minimum work on it.”

– Dustin Craig

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