Episode 27: With Vickie Panek from TMG

by Liz


Enjoy this forthright and common sense conversation with Vickie Panek, Co-founder and Owner of Talent Management Group as she talks getting an agent, representation, rates and casting submissions.

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“You have to be seen and available during the week. Availability is very important.”

― Vickie Panek, TMG

Do you really need an agency?

Vickie Panek says “You may not; more so now than ever. ” She goes on further to clarify, “If you have a clientele or people know you, they might come to you directly. I think what happens ultimately is that people get tired of handling the financial aspects of it and they are not as informed on usage and they find over time that they are taken advantage of. It’s a decision that everyone needs to make. I think that if you are with an agency and you are extremely capable and well-rounded that you will have more opportunities with an agency.”

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