The Hot and Cold War

by Liz

A one-shot comic book, story by Liz Christensen, illustrated by Alondra Lopez.

I’d had this story kicking around in my head for years and figured it would make a great short film, so it wrote it as a screenplay. Then it sat around and nothing happened. I didn’t know how to make short films.

My daughter had been reading comics on Webtoons though, and she had started sharing them with me. I loved the Manga art and the two comics she picked. I’m still enjoying them. I decided it was time to interview a comic book artist on my podcast.

As I was looking around and lining things up, the idea to turn “The Hot and Cold War” into a comic book started to percolate in my mind. I had absolutely zero idea how to do that. I didn’t really focus on it as a credible idea. Also, I completely suck at drawing. It would have to be a collaboration.

In preparing to interview Alondra Lopez, I was looking to hire an animator. I don’t know what made my brain take that turn, but I had decided “The Hot and Cold War” would be an adorable animated short. By the end of my interview with Alondra for my podcast, I had completely changed my mind. I wanted “The Hot and Cold War” to be in print, and I wanted Alondra to illustrate it.

I offered her the job and our collaboration began. Alondra has been a total pro to work with, and I love what she has created for this story. Even though I have since made my first short film, “Go Assistant,” I’m so glad this story came out as a comic book. I think that’s really what it was meant to be.

Once I decided to create a physical, printed product, I knew I wanted to share it with my Patrons on Patreon. These people are fantastic supporters! “The Hot and Cold War” will be a print reward delivered to every future Patron who supports me at the Digital DaVinci level, but I’m sending two copies to all my current Patrons to thank them for their consistent and early support! Jason Wadsworth, Josh Curtis, Candace Thomas, Jill Miller, Luke Haueter, and Marley Gable made this comic book possible. Their encouragement inspires me to keep creating.

You can buy “The Hot and Cold War” below, as a paperback on Amazon Prime, purchase it for your Kindle or read it free on Kindle Unlimited. If you read it ebook style, be sure to send it to a tablet so you can enjoy Alondra’s beautiful coloring. Also, check out Alondra Lopez at her website, on WebtoonsTapas and Patreon. She’s a gem.

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