Lethologica: Selected Poems from an Emerging Poet

by Liz

My first book on Amazon! It’s a poetry chapbook available in ebook and paperback. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free!

If you are one of my patrons on Patreon, don’t worry about purchasing, you’ll be getting the paperback as a Patreon print reward in June!

I’m also giving copies to all the people in my acknowledgements who helped me make this happen and I want to thank those people here too:

Thank you so much Kellie Chapman, my loyal, dedicated friend who is the best example of doing hard things in my life. I admire you and love you. Thanks for helping me select what belonged in this collection and what didn’t.

Makayla Keate, thank you for your input on what belonged in this collection, and especially for your feedback about my strengths and weaknesses as a poet. You are a far better poet than I am, and you inspire me.

Anthony Thomas Buck, thank you for your editorial feedback. You are an amazing collaborator when I get to write with you, and somehow, I can’t write even my own things without you reading them. You always catch the tiniest problems. It isn’t glamorous to be someone’s creative safety net, but I wouldn’t dare write without you.

Josh Curtis, thank you for helping me select which poetry to publish, and thank you especially for writing the foreword! You have a brilliant way with language and ideas, and a lovely soul and heart that you share so freely.

Thank you Dane Ficklin for being the first to believe I was a poet, even before I believed it.

Thank you Mark Chamberlin for letting me bounce ideas off you all the time!

And you guys, my Bryan Christensen. He is the best at thinking I can and should do whatever I put my heart and mind on, and at listening to my extensive chitter chatter about every step of the process. I bet I’m exhausting to be married to, but he loves me anyway!

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