Unexpected Friends & Relations

by Liz

By author Jayne Bamber, audiobook produced and narrated by Liz Christensen

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After attaining a Happily Ever After, the Darcys retreat into the background as their friends and relations pursue their own destinies. Mishaps and miracles result in several alternately paired couples, and a wide array of Austen characters will make an appearance….
Georgiana Darcy suffers the consequences of her folly at Ramsgate and the peril of following some ill-advised counsel that jeopardizes her chance at true love.
Caroline Bingley, now unhappily married and desperate to salvage her position in society, takes on the arduous task of reforming a wild and willful young ward, though it’s anybody’s guess which of them is in greater need of transformation.
Lady Rebecca Fitzwilliam travels to Surrey on a mission of mercy, where she and her cousin grieving Emma embroil the neighborhood in a web of romantic entanglements.
Mary Bennet struggles with morality and self-discovery, attempting to find the good in the world, as well as her own place in it.
An unexpected heiress emerges, and with her rise in station come all the glittering delights of the fashionable world, as well as the challenge of navigating the uncharted territories of high society, extended family, and even her own heart.
The Friends & Relations Series is an epic saga that peers into the lives of all of Jane Austen’s heroines, imagining them to inhabit a world where their lives and families are intertwined. Throughout this series, characters from all of Jane Austen’s major works will be revealed to have existing familial relationships and will forge new connections as well. As the lives of so many beloved Austen characters weave together, this series will address the question of what if all of Austen’s works had taken place in the same world…a world where surprises hide around every corner….

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