Episode 51 Accents with Sarah Shippobotham

by Liz

I’ve always enjoyed not sounding like myself

Sarah Shippobotham

Show Notes:

Guest Sarah Shippobotham talks about the curiosity, playfulness, math and mimicry of accents and dialects. Sarah loves to play with voices, body movements, face placements, even what she calls the different souls of different accents. She takes us through Welsh, Belfast, Edinburgh, French, German, Australian, Northern Ireland, Southern American, and Glasgow. We talk about the maths or substitutions. We talk about the thinking sounds, or the hesitation sound, the rhythm of a dialect, shifts in pitch and the placement of the face or the oral posture. We also talk about why it’s important to find the fun part in sounding authentic. Sarah’s expertise and enjoyment are invaluable and a true delight for actors in both theatre and film.

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