Episode 46: With Actress Nadia Sine

by Liz

Actress Nadia Sine met with me over Zoom in the Stay-at-home social distancing of 2020 to talk with me about being a black actress in the predominantly white theatre industry. I saw her performance as Juliet in Sonder Immersive’s production of “Through Yonder Window,” and was captivated by the production and her performance. You can hear our conversation about that amazing show in the bonus YouTube content below the episode here.

What Nadia and I sat down to discuss primarily was a topic that has recently risen to the top of the theatre industry conversation–the racism encountered by performers of color in theatre. There are fantastic resources and discussions on this topic in lots of corners of the public conversation, some of my favorites are listed below in the show notes. But like everything I’m interested in, I really wanted to have this conversation, one-on-one to help me process as I look at what I can do and should do and will do about institutional racism in my own theatre community.

I feel like skin color is the most valid factor to consider when casting people and it really just comes down to what story you are trying to tell.

– Nadia Sine

Show Notes:

Cultivating Change: Diversity and Inclusion in Utah Theatre at OPPA

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