Episode 50 Spoken Word Poet Makayla Keate

by Liz

“Poetry slam is typically different from poetry recitation, because it’s deliberatively performative spoken word poetry.”

Makayla Keate

Guest Makayla Keate shares insights on poetry creation, performance, soul space and vulnerability in this special milestone episode. I am a huge Makayla Keate fan so we had extensive tangent conversations during our interview. You should absolutely check out all the very informative details Makayla dishes out on monetization and being discovered on Tik Tok in the bonus content of “In the Telling” on YouTube. And keep scrolling down because some of Makayla’s poetry is included outside of the episode, just here on the blog below.

Show Notes: Birthday by Andrea Gibson

“In the Telling” is excitedly preparing for another Halloween Special, one in which I’ll be sharing ghost stories, scary stories and Halloween jokes submitted by my listeners. You can share your joke or story with an audio file sent to inthetellingpodcast@gmail.com.

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