Episode 48 Amish Romance Novelist Jennifer Beckstrand

by Liz

The Amish category is just growing so much, especially because on a shelf, a reader can go in and see that woman in a bonnet and they buy the book.

Jennifer Beckstrand

Successful author Jennifer Beckstrand met with me over zoom in the social distancing of 2020 so I could inundate her with my questions about her career as an Amish Romance Novelist. Video bonus content about how Jennifer works through the hard part of writing is included below.

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From a conversation with Amish romance novelist Jennifer Beckstrand. Writing is hard work but when writing is your job, you’ve just got to push through. Jennifer talks about the profession of writing and what she likes to read. This bonus content comes from episode 48 publishing September 14, 2020 wherever you get your podcasts.

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